Russian visa


Visa information:
Most foreign citizens need to have visa to travel to Russia. A visa is a document or endorsement on a passport that permits the holder to enter, stay, and leave Russia within a specified period of time. It is not difficult to obtain Russian visa but it takes time. Make sure you plan your trip at least 2 months in advance.
There are several types of visa depending on the purpose of entry into Russia: Tourist, Business (Commercial), Student, Work, Private, Transit. To obtain a Russian Visa you must apply at the Russian embassy, consulate, or representative office. Please check the details on the web-site of the Russian Embassy/Consulate in your country as the regulations might be slightly different.
General Required Russian Visa Documents:
• Your current passport, valid for a minimum of six months after the visa’s expiration date. Your passport must have at least 2 blank pages, which do not need to be consecutive.
• Visa Application Form filled and printed out from the official website only. Make sure that the dates of your entry and exit entered in the application form match and fall within the period specified in your supporting documents.
• A recent passport size photo ( 4 cm height, 3.5 cm width
• A letter of invitation from the hotel or organization.
• Insurance policy for the whole period of stay in Russia. The policy document should show validity for the duration of the journey as well as indicate the geographical area coverage, including Russia.

Tourist visa is the cheapest and easiest way to travel to Russia, strongly recommended. Visa fee depends on the country and is about EURO 40. Please mind that in the application form the purpose of your visit declared should be tourism.
Passport, valid for at least 6 months after your stay in Russia.
Letter of invitation issued by the hotel you made a reservation at The Holiday Inn hotel issues that sort of letter in 1 day free of charge. You need to contact the booking office and send them your passport details and reservation number. Other hotels may charge EURO 10-20 per person.
Medical insurance
Filled in and printed application form
Visa Fee payment
Visa issue takes 7-10 working days

Contact person:

Melekhova Irina


Budget options for coming to Saint Petersburg, Russia

1) By plane

St Petersburg - PulkovoAirport is St Petersburg’s international airport. It connects with most major international airports in Europe as well as transport hubs in the Middle East, Seoul and Beijing.

You can easily find direct flights to St Petersburg from almost all major European cities.

For example you can catch a flight on the popular Russian airline companies Aeroflot or Transaero.

Air Baltic and Air Berlin offer frequent flights to St Petersburg and they are cheaper than the top airline companies.

If you need to seriously economize your trip to Russia your best choice is the largest European low cost airline Ryanair.

With it you can fly from Dusseldorf, Milan and Barselona to Lappeenranta in Finland. It is a small but popular among Russians Finnish city is located 230 km from St Petersburg and 56 km from Vyborg in Russia. From there you can take a bus or train and reach the city in 3-4 hours.

The other way is to fly to Helsinki with Air Lingus, to Tallinn with Ryanair or Easyjet. From there you can continue your travel by bus or by train.

2) By train

Europe’s excellent high speed rail network makes traveling to Russia by train remarkably fast and easy. Europe’s long distance trains are super modern and comfortably appointed, allowing for a good night’s sleep on overnight journeys.

Trains leave from multiple destinations around Europe including direct Travel From Amsterdam, Minsk, Riga and Tallinn.

3) By Bus

Bus travel from Europe to Russia isn’t as popular as train travel due to generally being much slower. However, buses can offer a more budget-conscious and still quite comfortable.

Buses run from major cities to St. Petersburg within: France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, most of the major Eastern European cities.


From Finland To Russia

The distance from central St Petersburg to the border with Finland is 400 km (250 mi), which is even closer than Moscow. 

Finland is a very popular place among Russians, so transport links between the two directions are well provided.

 What you need to know

Most importantly, you need to remember that you will be crossing a border. There are no visa waivers for the Russian-Finnish border, so you’ll need to be visa ready. 

Travel by high-speed train

A direct high-speed train runs between St Petersburg and Helsinki and is likely the best combination of price and comfort. The travel time is three and a half hours, and you travel from and into centrally located train stations. Prices vary depending on how far in advance you purchase. Generally speaking, a one-way second-class ticket is about 50 euros (US$58), and first class is just above that. Depending on what country you are in, tickets should be bought from the railway company, be it in Russia or in Finland.

Save time and get a flight

The short distance between St Petersburg and Helsinki means the flight will be quicker than the time it takes to go through airport security. In just under an hour, you can travel between the two cities by plane. From there, both airports are well connected to the city centre. Many carriers complete this journey, yet despite the short travel time, it won’t be cheap.

Hop on an overnight ferry

Another option is to take a ferry from Helsinki. The ferries usually have a selection of routes (some also start in Stockholm or Tallinn) and then go to Russia. Among the most popular carriers is the St Peterline Ferry. The price mainly depends on the route you choose and the type of cabin you select. The latter range from simple bunk beds to a comfortable hotel-like room. There is also entertainment and restaurants and shops on board.


Tranfer from airport Pulkovo to the hotel Holiday Inn Moskovskie Vorota

From Pulkovo airport to the Holiday Inn at Moskovsky PR-kt, 97A, can be reached by bus + metro or by taxi.
1. Public transport:
From the airport there are buses to the metro stations "Moskovskaya" and "Moskovskie Vorota". Please note that if you arrive at Moskovskaya station, you will have to go down to the metro.
Direct routes to the " Moskovskie Vorota": № 3, K350, K213, K338, K226.
The trip will take approximately 45-60 minutes.
To the station "Moskovskaya" from the airport there are the Express-Shuttle bus number “39Э” (travel time about 20 minutes) and a bus number 39 (travel time - 30-35 minutes).
In the metro you need to choose a train in the direction of "Parnas", go 2 stations and get off at the station "Moskovskie Vorota" (~10 minutes).
The way to the hotel will take no more than a couple of minutes.
Thus, the fastest way is to choose the Express bus number “39Э” to "Moskovskaya" metro station.
The way to the hotel will take about 40-45 minutes.
Bus fare: 40 rubles.
The cost of one token in the subway: 45 rubles.

2. Taxi:
Please note that private (illegal) cabs waiting in and out of the terminal may be dishonest and charge exorbitant fares. And it might not be safe.
We recommend you to contact the official carrier of the airport - "Taxi Pulkovo", whose counters are located in the baggage claim hall and in the arrival hall of the terminal, outside there are also taxi kiosks. You can pay by credit card at the time of booking at the reception or in cash to the driver at the end of the trip.
Also special mobile applications gained great popularity: "Yandex.Taxi" and "Uber". By downloading the app in advance and registering, you can book a car and know the cost of the trip in advance. Please note that the price may vary depending on traffic and availability.
The approximate cost of a taxi ride from the airport to the Moskovskie Vorota is 600-800 rubles. Travel time in the afternoon-about half an hour.
Have a great trip! See you at the conference!